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Baader SCT Lock Ring for 2" Maxbright Diagonal # LRING 2458270

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Brand Baader Planetarium
Part Number 2458270
Availability available

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

The Baader 2" Maxbright Diagonal can be attached to your SCT telescope in a semi-permanent fashion. However, attaching the diagonal directly on to the SCT's rear 2" 24 TPI male thread is bound to result in an odd and inconvenient orientation of the diagonal for virtually all telescopes when the diagonal is fully screwed on. However, this problem can easily be solved with the use of Baader's SCT Lock Ring.

How to use the Baader SCT Lock Ring:
1. Screw this lock ring completely on to the male SCT thread on the rear of your scope by turning it clockwise.
2. Screw on the diagonal clockwise as far as it will go. In this position, the diagonal will come to rest at an odd orientation.
3. Unscrew it slightly in the counter-clockwise direction (by less than one full turn) till it points correctly upwards.
4. Finally, turn the SCT Lock Ring in the counter-clockwise direction by the same amount till it stops turning against the diagonal and will not turn anymore. At this point, the diagonal is locked in against the lock ring in the correct orientation!


4.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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    1. Jim Egstad

      Jim Egstad New Member

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      Time with Product
      User Notes:
      Review by herrointment of Chetek, WI.
      Nov 27, 2013

      4.0 Works as advertised


      Well Made


      Not Inexpensive


      Helps deal with possible backfocus issues and does the job well. Fine quality and you pay for it.

      There isn't a whole lot of threading holding the diagonal to the scope using this method and while it was initially a cause for concern the system works fine. No worries.

      Bottom Line: Would you recommend this item? Yes
      Was this review helpful? Yes / No

      This review was provided courtesy of AgenaAstro.com

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