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Lunt Solar 60mm Ha Solar Telescope Double Stacked with Pressure Tuner / B1200 Filter / 2" Crayford Focuser

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Brand Lunt Solar Systems
Part Number LS60THaDS50/B1200CPT
Availability available

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

The addition of a secondary front-mounted interference filter and the upgrade to the B1200 blocking filter transforms the Lunt LS60THa into a superb, visually enhanced instrument with the ability to also image the Sun utilizing basic camera equipment.

Adding the front filter provides a view of the Sun in virtual 3D. An active ball of churning boiling gasses that spew from the surface in what can be violent eruptions. Cause and effect can be viewed and imaged in real time.

This upgrade to the visual system comes standard with the pressure tuning system and puts a research grade instrument into the hands of the observer and the imager.

True Doppler Tuning (Pressure Tuning) allows for a shift into and away from the user, adding a 3D like component to the viewing experience. While it has minimal effect on prominences due to their being at the edge of the disk, it does have an effect on filaments and active regions on the surface. While looking at a filament at the center of the Sun the user has the ability to Doppler shift from the base of the filament to the tip, following the filament through it’s structure toward and away from the user, allowing for enhanced visual and imaging capability for the observer as well as a research tool for the avid hobbyist. The pressure tuning system provides an order of magnitude more precision to the tuning of the desired features.

Package Features

  • Ultra-Narrow Band Hydrogen-alpha (656.28nm) Dedicated System
  • A 60mm refractor based system with additional 50mm aperture secondary removable filter
  • Dual etalons with Pressure Tuner allows for <0.5 Angstrom bandpass, providing 3D like enhanced surface detail
  • The larger rear blocking filter allows for imaging with most basic camera equipment
  • The system includes the clamshell with threaded holes for mounting, dust caps, and is delivered in two aluminum re-enforced cases
  • An eyepiece is NOT included, and although any eyepiece will work, Lunt recommends their 7.2-21.5mm Lunt Zoom eyepiece

LS60THa (Double Stacked with Pressure Tuner) Specifications:

  • Type: Dual Interference Etalon
  • Tuning: Internal Pressure Tune (Doppler True Tuning) and front Tilt
  • Aperture: 60mm (Scope) 50mm (Filter)
  • Focal Length: 500mm
  • F Ratio: F/8.3
  • Bandpass: <0.5 Angstroms @ 656nm
  • Focuser: 2" Crayford Focuser
  • Mounting: Integrated clamshell style with 1/4-20 tapped base
  • Color: Pearl White with Black and Red accents
  • Diagonal: B1200 Blocking Filter with 1.25" eyepiece holder and male T thread
  • Storage: 2 aluminum finished hard cases with fitted foam


5.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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      User Notes:
      Review by John V. of El Paso, TX.
      Aug 23, 2014

      5.0 Best Purchase Ever!


      Accurate,Strong Construction,Quality Lenses,Compact,Easy to Use



      I have spent years looking at the night sky through my scopes but this one beats them all. Since the Sun is always changing there is a different view everyday. By changing the pressure in the chamber you can view different aspects of the Sun. It is easy to see promineces, filaments, sun spots, granulation and it is great for solar eclipses.
      Initially I didn't want to purchase the DS model but I am glad I did. The DS feature is vital for taking photo's. I recommend the Skyris 445M and shoot at 30fps. To round out the scope, I recommend purchasing the Lunt Solar Zoom 1.25" Eyepiece 7.2-21.5mm and the Tele Vue Sol-Searcher Solar Finder.
      Lastly, the hardest part to the whole purchase was finding the right mount. Using a tracking mount is great for taking photo's but not for casual viewing. For casual viewing I recommend a solid push-to head and a sturdy tripod for the perfect grab-and-go setup. I now use the scope all the time and even take it to work and use it during my lunch break.
      The LS60HaPTDS is a must to appreciate the Sun to its fullest.

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      Telescope Aperture 2.36" (60mm)
      Manufacturer Lunt Solar Systems
      Telescope Aperture Up to 80mm
      Telescope Series Lunt Solar Ha