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Zhumell Eyepiece Waist Case Accessory Holder

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Brand Zhumell
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5.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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    1. zanti-misfit

      zanti-misfit New Member

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      Sep 4, 2009

      5.0 Get this NOW!!


      VERY well made waist case, very affordable


      none at all


      I was searching for an affordable case for my collection of lenses and stuff and quickly found that it can get costly fast. With metal cases, of any usable size, running from 35 plus 10 or more shipping and up I started to get a little discouraged.

      Then I read about the cool "waist case" idea. Looked handy for my needs. I had been using a tv tray out in the yard to put my stuff on, but I didn't really like the idea of that falling over or something rolling off. But then I found that they too are a little pricey. Not extreme, but not cheap either. My hunt continued.

      That's when I got lucky and stumbled across this case. I found a goldmine!! The price is very affordable, with free shipping to boot. The case itself looks almost exactly the same as the other brand's version I saw but costing more. I ordered one instantly and within 4 days there it was...AWESOME!!

      The case itself is very well made. The stitching is well done and tough. The nylon is thick and durable. It was put together with skill and it shows. Comes in a nice grey/black color, easy on the eyes.

      Its got room for four 1.25" lenses and three 2" lenses. It also comes with foam inserts so you can alter the sizes of the 2" spaces and depth of them all. Very nice. It also has a zippered pocket on the front (great for filters) and two webbed pouches on either size (great for flashlights, little stuff). A very well made waist case.

      So I have my 6mm, 8mm, 9mm, and 25mm 1.25" lenses in the back row and in the front I have my 26mm, GSO 2" 2x ED Barlow, and my 32mm lenses in the front row. All fit perfect and the top zips down nicely. Not very heavy either considering the hardware I'm packing. I keep my UHC-S 2" filter along with several other filters in the front zip pouch, my red flashlight in one of the webbed side pouches. PERFECT SETUP!!

      The adjustable belt strap is nice and sturdy. Plenty of expansion room for comfort. The zippers are also very good, nice thick and strong. The case feels secure.

      I customized my front zippered pouch a bit by simply cutting out a thin piece of bed roll foam and inserting it in the pouch. That way my filters had a little extra padding from frontal strikes. Its like Ft. Knox now.

      I was very impressed with the quality of this item. I couldn't be any happier with it. It costs nearly half the price of the bigger name brand version counting the free shipping. Its simply incredible. I feel I've stumbled across a jewel here and I highly recommend one to everybody. I might buy another one just to have as a spare.

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