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Antares 2" Color Filters (Set of 4 Filters) # 2FS2

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Brand Antares
Part Number 2FS2
Availability available

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

We offer Antares filters in a set of 4 filters. This set contains 3 of the most popular color hues as well as a neutral density filter for 2" barrels. Color filters are specified by their Wratten numbers. This set of 4 filters includes:
#11 (Yellow-Green)
#21 (Orange)
#80A (Blue) and
#ND25 (Neutral Density with 25% Transmission)

Fine planetary detail is almost always enhanced with the use of color filters. Since different planets exhibit different colors on their surfaces, it only makes sense that if a filter restricts a neutral color and transmits a feature color, contrast will be improved and more detail will be seen. Observers often ask which filter should be used for which planet, and for this question, while there are rules of thumb, there are no firm answers. For one thing, the colors of the details on some planets are continually changing. Also, everyone's eye response is slightly different, we're talking about very subtle detail, and the best results have to be achieved by trial and error. And since the filters can be stacked by threading them together, there are a lot of combinations to try.

These filters fit standard 2" threading on eyepieces and diagonals and each filter comes in a twist-type plastic case for storage.


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