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Baader 4-in-1 2" Visual Back for AP, Celestron, Skywatcher, Vixen & Zeiss Telescopes # 4in1 2458190

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Brand Baader Planetarium
Part Number 2458190
Availability available

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

Baader Planetarium's 4-in-1 2" Clamping Eyepiece Holder # 2458190 is an excellent after-market replacement visual back for telescopes with M56 female or M60 / M68 male threads (this is not meant to be used with SCT telescopes; they don't have these threads).

Many refractor telescopes sold today by Celestron, Sky-Watcher, Synta, Vixen, etc. have only one, and in some cases, two, small thumbscrews in the focuser tube to clamp on to your valuable diagonal, eyepieces, and other accessories. For these telescopes, Baader offers this premium 2" visual back. With an anti-marring compression ring and two large thumbscrews, your accessories will be firmly and precisely held by this adapter. Also includes one 2" plastic dust plug.

Can be used as a visual back for Zeiss (M68), Astro-Physics (2.7"), Vixen (M60), and Celestron / Skywatcher / Synta / Orion (M56) telescopes. Also features an M68 male thread on the eyepiece side which can be used for eyepiece projection or attachment of other M68 adapters/accessories.

Item weight = 5.7oz.

Thread Specifications:

On Telescope End

  • M56 female (for select Celestron /  Sky-Watcher / Orion refractors)
  • M60 male (for select Vixen telescopes)
  • M68 male (for Zeiss telescopes and Baader M68 accessories)
  • 2.7" male (for Astro-Physics refractors; under ring which needs to be unscrewed to access this thread)

On Eyepiece End

  • 2" eyepiece holder with compression ring and 2 locking thumbscrews
  • M68 male (for Baader M68 accessories; under ring which needs to be unscrewed to access this thread)

Optical Path Lengths:

The optical path length added by this adapter will vary depending on which telescope it is coupled with. These will be as follows:

  • M56 thread: 27mm
  • M60 thread: 25mm
  • M68 thread: 18mm
  • 2.7" thread: 12mm


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