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Baader Ocular Projection and Focal Adapter System # OPFA 2458144

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Brand Baader Planetarium
Part Number OPFA
Availability available

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

An alternative to Baader's Micro Stage 6030, the Baader Planetarium OPFA System provides a unique and adaptable system for projection imaging (OPFA = Ocular Projection and Focal Adapter). This system provides an all-threaded and direct coupling between the telescope and camera. It has been designed to work for afocal projection, as well as traditional eyepiece projection imaging.

Its clever design securely couples your threaded Digital, CCD, or Film camera, while permitting the critical adjustment needed to closely position a 1.25" eyepiece at the optimum location (particularly critical for eliminating vignetting in afocal projection with Digital cameras). The OPFA takes advantage of its compatibility with all Baader Astro-T2 System components, allowing you to perfectly match all the needs of your system. The OPFA provides the most secure, compact, and flexible system ever devised for coupling digital cameras to a telescope for both afocal and direct projection.

Key Features of the OPFA;

  • Secure threaded couplings
  • Adjustable eyepiece-to-camera distance
  • Works with standard 1.25" eyepieces (body diameters up to 37mm)
  • Integrates with all Astro T-2 system components for adaptability

Please note:
Attachment to the OPFA requires the presence of lens threads (some Digital Cameras are not threaded). In order to use the OPFA with either Digital, CCD, or Film cameras, additional couplers may be required to match your particular camera. As supplied, the OPFA provides T-2 threads at both the input and output. Most astronomical CCD cameras will permit direct coupling through the OPFA T-2 threading, needing no further components. For Digital Cameras, please refer to the Digital T-2 System section below for the correct threaded couplers. For Film cameras, a standard camera T-Ring is required (available from camera stores). Please click on the link below for more specific details on using and configuring the OPFA system.

Baader part number: OPFA or 2458144


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