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Baader T-2 Quick Change System # T2-6,7 2456321

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Brand Baader Planetarium
Part Number 2456321
Availability available

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

The Baader Planetarium T-2 Changer System provides a convenient and secure way to rapidly couple and de-couple the wide range of Astro T-2 System components, as well as enabling full 360 degree rotation. The T-2 Changer System serves as a central piece in the large array of possible combinations within the T-2 System.

This novel system is comprised of two parts, the T-2 Quick Changer and the T-2 Change Ring (available as a set as in this product, or separately). These two components work together to enable you to quickly exchange assemblies and components, without having to thread or unthread pieces. The dovetail design results in an extremely secure and accurate coupling, maintaining precise and repeatable location and focal distance.

This is especially useful in permitting rotation of T-2 system components (i.e. Precision Amici Diagonal, Alan Gee Mark II Telecompressor) or other equipment such as CCD or film cameras. In addition, the T-2 Quick Changer is compatible with the input dovetail ring on the Baader/Zeiss Giant Bino-Viewer, giving you a convenient way to attach to your telescope or other T-2 System components.

T-2 Quick Changer System (# T2-6,7)
The T-2 Quick Changer System is is comprised of one each, Quick Changer (T2-06 or 2456313) and Quick Change Ring (T2-07 or 2456320). Purchase additional Quick Change Rings if you desire to interchange multiple components.

Baader part number for combination: T2-6,7 or 2456321


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