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Barska X-Trail 20x80

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Brand Barska
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4.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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    1. stargazertony

      stargazertony New Member

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      Feb 14, 2008

      4.0 Barska 20x80 X-Trail


      Lightweight, Large aperture, Decent Case, Price


      Lightweight strap


      Well, I finally gave my X-Trail binoculars a good workout. That night the seeing was excellent and it was very dark, around 21 on the dark sky meter. My first targets were M13 and M92. They were both very bright and sharp. That was enough to get me excited. Next I swing over to M31 and M32. The Andromeda Galaxy was just amazing through the binoculars and I could just make out the companion galaxy. Ok, now time for the Double Cluster. WOW!! That was one of the best views I have ever seen of the Double Cluster, it was just exquisite. I also saw the nearby M103 which was crisp and bright, and NGC457 which I saw as some haze around a fairly bright star. Now for the Lagoon!! I pointed the binoculars and the view was awesome, very bright and nice structure to the nebulosity. M21 was very sharp and M23 was very nice seeing stars throughout. I next went to the Trifid nebula but could only just make it out, and M28 was faint but visible. M22 was next and it was crisp with the core appearing very bright and M18 & M24 were very nice with all stars visible.

      So far these binoculars are performing better than I had ever imagined. I have just started using star charts and using binoculars definitely is a big help for this. I no longer have to roll the dob out every time I want to do a few hours of observing. I am hooked. I have heard a lot of mixed comments on Barska binoculars but I must say I love them. They surpassed all of my expectations and left me with a smile and new enthusiasm. The optical quality seems very good and they are multi-coated. The binoculars are fairly light but do need to be mounted for extended use. The optical alignment was absolutely fine upon delivery. It is good value for the money, a good performer, quite light-weight, well built, and will give you pleasing views of the night sky.

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