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Brandon 1.25" Eyepiece with Rubber Eyecup - 16mm # VB16EC

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Brand Brandon
Part Number VB16EC

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

Brandon eyepieces, made by Vernonscope in the USA, are noted for their exceptional contrast and extremely dark background, two reasons why Questar Corporation has been including them with their telescopes since 1971. All Brandon eyepieces are parfocal.

The famous Brandon oculars incorporate the original optical designs of Chester Brandon and are acclaimed by leading astronomers as unquestionably the finest oculars in the world.  In a test of many eyepieces, noted deep-sky observer, Ron Morales, rated Brandon eyepieces #1 for contrast which is perhaps the single most important characteristic for any eyepiece.

Some question why Brandon lenses are not multi-coated. In the past, several sets of Brandons were made with 7-layer multi-coatings with no improvement. In fact, not using multi-coating eliminates or greatly reduces the phenomenon known as narrow angle light scatter. Multi-coatings have more narrow angle light scatter than standard eyepiece coatings. This effect readily can be seen when viewing bright objects like Venus, Mars, or Jupiter, where this scatter greatly interferes with low-contrast detail.

Using Vernonscope's Brandon eyepieces, you also will notice a significant difference in the background darkness immediately surrounding a bright object, especially important for planetary or double-star observing. In addition, lunar detail such as the bands of Aristarchus are much better defined.

All Brandon eyepieces are assembled and tested in Raleigh, NC, to assure consistent high quality.

Leave the world of ordinary eyepieces behind and step up to Brandons!

Please note: Brandon eyepieces are threaded for filters, but Brandon uses a proprietary filter thread and not the industry-standard M28.5x0.6 filter thread. Brandon sells 1.25" color and neutral density (ND) filters that can be directly threaded to Brandon eyepieces. However, the use of other non-Brandon filters on these eyepieces requires the purchase of an optional thread conversion adapter.

Manufacturer part: VB16EC


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      Review by James J.
      Feb 7, 2018

      5.0 16mm Brandon (Flat top)




      The weather has been impossible since receiving this, but I've been able to test it against my other Brandons and various other similar eyepieces. I use these on Celestron SCTs, as well as a Tele Vue 85 with great results. The color rendition is accurate, the fine detail, clarity and contrast are superb. I have no problem at all with eye relief--with or without glasses. The light weight, simple design is a joy to use. They are not inexpensive, but they are worth the money to me-as I have been using Brandons since the early 1970s when I got my first one. I still have several vintage ones to compare new ones to. The new ones are just as good optically as my much used old ones. The only thing I have noticed is that my originals are parfocal across the range of focal lengths and the new ones are not. Some of the new ones I have gotten are close to each other, but others are not very close at all. This is not a big issue with me since I will fine tune my focus with changing eyepieces anyway, but some people may not be impressed with this, given that they are claimed to be parfocal. That has been my only surprise; and all the other qualities far outweigh this issue, at least for me.

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      Apparent Field of View 43°
      Barrel Size 1.25" (31.7mm)
      Bolt Case Included Yes - Free Agena Eyepiece Container
      Bolt Case Size Agena 42x60mm
      Coatings Fully Coated
      End Caps 2
      Eye Relief by Design 16mm
      Field Stop Diameter 12mm
      Filter Threads Brandon-proprietary filter thread
      Focal Length 16mm
      Lens Elements 4
      Lens Groups 2
      Parfocal Yes
      Rubber Eye Guard Yes
      Eyepiece Weight 1.60oz (45.36g)
      Manufacturer Brandon
      Eyepiece Focal Length 15.1mm - 20mm
      Eyepiece Field of View Up to 50 degrees
      Eyepiece Series Brandon Ocular
      Barrel Type Smooth sided