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BST 1.25" 58-deg UWA Planetary Eyepiece - 3.2mm

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Brand BST
Part Number E-BS-UWAP3.2
Availability available

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Manufacturer Description

Outstanding Planetary and Lunar Eyepieces

These BST 1.25" fully multicoated (FMC) eyepieces give maximum detail and definition across the entire 58 degree field of view (FOV). A great value, these eyepieces are exceptional at nearly eliminating lateral color aberration and light scatter often associated with more expensive eyepieces that are better suited for deep space objects. Though primarily made for planetary observation, these eyepieces still excel when viewing deep sky objects.

More expensive eyepieces that have similar wide fields of view need many exotic glass elements to achieve that wide view - as many as 9 lenses or more. More lenses mean more cost and more glass, which attenuates the amount of light you see. That also means there are more air-to-glass surfaces that can scatter light - reducing contrast and sometimes causing multiple reflections (ghosting) when viewing very bright objects such as the Moon and planets. Extra lenses can also mean compromises in the overall design that can often lead to other issues.One such issue of all that glass is lateral color aberration that appears as a cloud of false color around bright objects. Another issue is light scatter seen as a distracting halo or glow around bright objects. This can also reduce contrast.

Each BST UWA Planetary eyepiece has 5 lens elements in 3 or 4 groups. These eyepieces provide high contrast, no scattered light, and the highest possible definition.

Comfortable Eye Relief

The eyepiece eye relief averages around 16mm for the entire series. The 25mm eyepiece features 20mm of eye relief. Even the 2.5mm eyepiece has almost 17mm of eye relief! Experienced observers will truly appreciate such generous eye relief at significant magnifications.

Excellent Fit and Finish

These eyepieces are fully internally baffled and all internal spacers have antireflection microbaffles on their edges with flat black anodizing to reduce reflections. Every air to glass surface is broadband multicoated for peak light transmission and outstanding contrast on subtle lunar and planetary detail. The lens edges are blackened to eliminate internal reflections.

Each eyepiece has a flexible rubber fold-down eyeguard. Dust covers are provided for both ends of each eyepiece. A groove is machined into the nose piece barrel to ensure the eyepiece is less likely to fall out of the diagonal or focuser.

Please Note: While these eyepieces look similar to the TMB / TMB II ED eyepieces (and are also sold by some other sellers incorrectly under the TMB label), they are not the same as or copies of the 6-element TMB eyepieces. The factory making these eyepieces just uses the same external housing for the eyepieces.


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      Review by harrytraver of Marine City, MI.
      Oct 20, 2014

      5.0 Excellent oculars


      Quality Lenses,Accurate




      I was looking to update and unify my working eyepieces by retiring three older specialized sets, and find one set that would be more versatile. These would have to have a high degree of resolution for binaries, high contrast for planetary work, and a comfortable wide field for deep sky work.

      After months of reading and researching, I actually stumbled onto Agena's impressive lineup of oculars. The BST Ultra Wide Planetary eyepieces are extremely flat across their field with excellent color correction. The eye lens is incredibly large. No pinholes here even at 2.5mm!

      The apparent field of view is spacious for deep sky work. The resolution excellent for binary star busting. And the high contrast is great for planetary study. All this is accomplished with just 5 lenses in 3 groups so they do not rob me of light.

      The feel and build quality is excellent. They are impressive just to look at. I bought the whole series and am delighted with their performance with my 3" & 4" Unitrons and 6" AVX refractor. These are a tremendous value. Do not let the low price deceive you!

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      This review was provided courtesy of AgenaAstro.com

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      Apparent Field of View 58°
      Barrel Size 1.25" (31.7mm)
      Bolt Case Included Yes - Free Agena Eyepiece Container
      Bolt Case Size Agena 52x80mm
      Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
      End Caps 2
      Eye Relief by Design 15.8mm
      Filter Threads Standard 1.25" Filter Thread (M28.5 x 0.6)
      Focal Length 3.20mm
      Lens Elements 5
      Lens Groups 3
      Rubber Eye Guard Yes
      Blackened Lens Edges Yes
      Manufacturer BST
      Eyepiece Focal Length 5mm and Under
      Eyepiece Field of View 51 - 60 degrees
      Eyepiece Series BST UWA Planetary
      Barrel Type Tapered barrel
      Eyepiece Weight 5.60oz (158.76g)