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HoTech GreenShot Tactical Laser and Illuminator # HTGS-02C

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Brand HoTech
Part Number HTGS-02C
Availability available

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

Powerful Water Resistant Green Laser
The powerful green laser in GreenShot is the foremost effective targeting tool for the law enforcement and military professionals. The green laser beam can pin point the exact location of your subject and is visible day or night. Especially in the night time, your partners around you can trace the extremely visible green laser line and track it down to the target.

This product has an output power of 4 to 5mW at 532nm wavelength, 20 times brighter than red laser at the same output power as perceived by human eyes. One minute laser ON switch allows hands free aiming and operation.

Extra Bright LED Flashlights

You must be able to supply light to locate and evaluate threats, or simply to see. Equally important, you need a bright light that you can control while employing your weapon. The powerful three white lights from the GreenShot total more than 1W output. Unlike a regular bulb flashlight, GreenShot can faithfully display true color. And for tactical use as well as navigating in a hostile environment, you need the variable brightness red light for reading or illumination without your dark adapted vision.

Perhaps even more importantly, GreenShot has the capability of impairing the vision of anyone looking directly into its flashlight beam, an impairment that lasts for those critical moments that give you the edge. GreenShot is the ultimate Laser Optical Incapacitator for military forces.

Perfect Tactical Combination of Laser Aiming with Flashlights
GreenShot is a powerful and brilliant laser with flashlight designed especially for law enforcement and military professionals for threat assessment, target ID, and opponent disorientation. Both the LED flashlight and laser of the GreenShot can be turned on at the same time for optimal target locating. During an operation, you can use the flashlight mode to search for suspicious subjects first, then activating the laser to pin point the exact target.

Universal Mounting
- 1" diameter fits nicely onto most weapon mounts.
- 1 standard ¼"-20 tripod mounting hole ready for any tripod mount.

Precision Machined Housing
Precision machined with aero-space grade aluminum and anodized for a rugged and lasting crafted instrument.

Long Battery Life
- Approximately 20 continuous hours.
- Operated by three standard AAA 1.5V batteries.

Convenient Field Carrying

Detachable 15" adjustable straps to hang on your neck or wrist and belt clip pouch.

1" diameter x 5-3/4" length.

5.2 oz. with batteries.

- Water Resistance Green Laser Aiming and Multi-Color Tactical Illumination.
- Tested and Recommended by NTOA.
- High Power Green Laser Ideal for Law Enforcement and Military Professional.
- Approximate 1 Watt Flashlight Reveals Illuminated Objects in True Color for Accurate ID.
- Variable Intensity Red/Night Light Ideal for Night Mission.
- Perfect Tactical Use when Combined use of Laser and Flashlight to Gain Tactical Advantages.
- Universal Tripod 1/4-20 Mounting Hole and 1" Diameter fit nicely in a 1" scope mount.
- Rugged Precision Machined Anodized Aluminum Housing.
- Approximate 20+ Hours Laser and Flashlight Operation Time on Three AAA Batteries.

Technical Specifications:

1. Superbright LED flashlight Specifications
- White LED: total approximate 80,000 mcd output power, GaInN material, full spectrum wavelength.
- Red LED: 4,000 mcd, AlGaInP material, 620nm wavelength.

2. Green Laser Specifications
- Output power : Class IIIa, <5mW
- Wavelength: 532nm
- Batteries: Three 1.5V AAA
- Battery life: Laser up to 6 hours, Flashlights up to 20 hours
- Weight: Approx. 5.3 oz. with batteries
- Size: 5.7” length x 1” diameter
- Operating temperature & humidity: 20°C ~ 30°C - < 95% relative humidity
- Storage temperature & humidity: -10°C ~ 60°C - < 95% relative humidity


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