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Jasper APC Green Laser Pointer

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Brand Jasper
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Ultra-thin 5mW green laser with automatic power control


5.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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    1. alanoodle

      alanoodle Member

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      Jun 14, 2009

      5.0 Well Made Jasper APC Laser Pointer


      Inexpensive, well constructed, excellent performer even at low temps.


      No negatives found yet.


      Before getting into any review of this product I must mention something about green laser pointers. Thanks to the bad judgment of a very small group of people, GLPs are legally regulated in some places and may arouse the suspicion of the authorities in some others. Because some people lack the good sense not to point one of these powerful lasers towards an aircraft or building, some municipalities may require a permit to use one. At the same time, it’s important to mention that GLPs can be dangerous if misused. These are not toys and common sense should prevail when handling one. The GLP reviewed here was bought solely for use as an astronomy accessory.

      Green laser pointers are generally more powerful than the red lasers we are all familiar with. At 5-milliwatts, most of them are powerful enough that the thin green beam is clearly visible in the dark and can sometimes extend up to 75-feet. Perfect for pointing out objects in the night sky, GLPs have become very popular with amateur astronomers.

      I had purchased a “no-name” cheapie GLP in the past and while it performed adequately, its shortcomings will serve as excellent comparison points for reviewing the Jasper APC. The APC, I should also mention, cost only $5.00 more than the cheapie.

      Both Laser pointers produce tight beams that are visible in the dark and are excellent for aiming a telescope or pointing out celestial objects. When pointing at a flat surface, however, the Jasper shows a tighter, cleaner dot without the surrounding speckling shown by less expensive GLPs. This actually makes the Jasper’s beam more visible in less dark conditions.

      Jasper’s “APC Technology” supposedly regulates the strength of the beam with their ads saying it “measures beam power 30,000 times per second. If the beam is too strong, electric power is reduced. If the beam is too weak, electric power is increased.” This is supposed to prevent the laser diode from overheating, which may cause the beam to dim and eventually fail when left on for long periods, something common with cheap GLPs.
      Another thing common with cheap laser pointers is the tendency for them to fail at low temperatures. My no-name GLP would dim at under 50°F and fail completely if allowed to cool below 40°. I have used the Jasper APC at 30°F and noticed no dimming at all.

      As for construction, the Jasper APC is a much better made laser pointer. The cheapie GLP actually felt cheap. The two AAA batteries rattled around when the pointer was handled and the push-button power switch felt like it wasn’t well made, having a soft “mushy” feel with no positive feeling of contact. It eventually broke. The Jasper’s power button has a much more solid feel to it and has a positive “click” to it when depressed and released. I’ve already had it about 4 months longer than the cheapie and it feels no less solid than when I first got it.

      In conclusion, the Jasper APC green laser pointer is a much better bargain than “Bargain” laser pointers and will probably outperform and outlast most GLPs in its price range.

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