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Meade Infinity 102mm Altazimuth Refractor Telescope # 209006

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Brand Meade
Part Number 209006

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

Explore the universe with the Meade Infinity 102

  • Telescope comes complete with everything you need to view the wonders of the night sky the first time out.
  • 102mm (4”) Refracting Telescope delivers bright and detailed images that is perfect for viewing both land and celestial objects.
  • Features a precision Altazimuth mount with slow motion controls that makes it easy to track celestial objects as they move across the night sky.
  • Comes with 3 eyepieces that provide low, medium and high powered magnification for viewing a wide range of objects (Moon, planets, or land).
  • Includes a red dot viewfinder to help locate objects you want to observe.

Bonus:AutoStar Suite® Astronomer Edition Software on DVD

AutoStar Suite Astronomer Edition software will help you learn the night sky. It displays more than 10,000 celestial objects including planets, stars, galaxies and nebulas. You can print out star charts and even plan your observing session. It operates on any Windows® based PC.

Manufacturer part number: 209006


5.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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      User Notes:
      Review by Errol of Trinidad W.I..
      Jul 10, 2016

      5.0 Love this Meade Telescope


      Easy to Use,Lightweight,Strong Construction,Accurate,Compact



      I purchased this Meade 102mm telescope Tuesday 07, June 2016 and it came well packaged, all items intact and am fully satisfied with what I received. It took me less than 10mins to setup and have it ready for use for first light. I also got the Red Dot viewfinder set into the Telescope and did my adjustments, focusing the telescope on an object a few miles away. It took me about 5mins or less to get the Red Dot viewfinder perfectly aligned. I then looked at Saturn to see if the Red Dot viewfinder was perfectly aligned and all was OK.
      I then took out my Meade 90mm Telescope to compare the difference in viewing, using on both of them the same eyepieces. I selected the 26mm eyepieces, seeing I now have 2 eyepieces of the same from both telescopes.
      I placed both telescopes side by side and set it upon Saturn. I elected Saturn seeing its the smallest and easily seen planet at the time, that way I can actually see how well both will display Saturn. Looking at Saturn from both telescopes have shown me quite a difference.

      Lets consider the 90mm; when you look at Saturn you definitely see it but much smaller and can make out the ring around Saturn but not the Cassini band and i.e. bare in mind using the 26mm eyepiece.

      Looking through the 102mm using the same 26mm eyepiece at Saturn brings the planet a little closer to your eyes and have a clearer and brighter view, also you have a very marginal wider field of view but not much to make a fair comparison with the 90mm. I did not see the Cassini band using the 26mm eyepiece on the 102mm Telescope.

      The next day I took them out and decided to look at a communication tower located several miles away in the horizon and when I looked through using the same 26mm eyepieces you definitely have a much closer and detailed view of the top of the tower with the 102mm telescope. Whereas the 90mm you have a clear view but its seeing the tower a little further away and don't see too much details but just barely.
      In summing up I'd say that the Meade 102mm is much brighter and better viewing enjoyment than the Meade 90mm. All in all I still love both Telescopes but a friend of mine came by and saw the 90mm and asked me to buy it and I sold it. So now I have only the Meade 102mm which I'm enjoying very much.

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      Telescope Aperture 4.02" (102mm)
      Manufacturer Meade
      Telescope Aperture 81mm - 125mm
      Telescope Series Meade Infinity