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Tele Vue SCT Accessory Bracket / Finder Base # SAB-1001

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Brand TeleVue
Part Number SAB-1001
Availability available

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

Tele Vue SCT Accessory Bracket # SAB-1001 is use to mount a Starbeam or TV-60 to an SCT.

  • Black-finish machined metal dovetail with safety stop.
  • Televue Accessory Bracket uses one knob release.
  • Provides concise alignment of finderscope with telescope optics.

It was designed to add a super finder scope to Schmidt-Cassegain, Maksutov or Advanced Ritchey-Chretien Telescopes This handsome, machined metal bracket is a neutral black and aligns with the accessory mounting holes on the rear cell of your telescope. Just slide the finder into the dovetail until it reaches the safety stop and secure with a one-hand knob. This semi-permanent arrangement allows for extremely precise alignment of the Televue TV-60 to your telescopes optics and the Televue Accessory Bracket for SCTs can also be used with the optional Televue accessory bar to connect a Televue Starbeam red dot finder to your SCT.


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