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Vixen 2.1x42 Super Wide Constellation Binocular # 19172

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Brand Vixen Optics
Part Number B-VX-19172

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

A 2.1x42 binocular? No that's not a typo. These ingenious little optics are based on Galileo's original telescope design to give you up to an incredible 25o field of view at an ultra-low magnification. You can take in entire constellations like Cygnus and Sagittarius and cruise along the rich star fields of the Milky Way to see star clusters, diffuse nebulae, star clouds, and inky-black archipelagos of dark nebulae set against the background stars. Early users of these new binoculars have said it's like observing the night sky with "super vision".

  • Large 42mm lenses with 5 multi-coated elements increase brightness of stars by more than 4x and let you see thousands more stars than with the unaided eye
  • High-quality Japanese-made optics and mechanics include matte-black interior and baffling to reduce stray reflections and maximize contrast
  • Weighs just 410g for ease of use and comfort during long observing sessions
  • Eyepieces with 8.4mm of eye relief focus individually for optimum binocular viewing
  • Includes eyecups and case

These binoculars are based on the design of a Galilean telescope, which has different characteristics than the more common 'Keplerian' telescope. This means the true field of view depends on the proximity of your eye to the eyepiece lens. So if you wear eyeglasses while observing, you may see a smaller field of view. At the eye relief of 8.4mm, for example, the true field of view is about 12°. The optics also give an erect image without prisms, which makes for the lowest possible optical loss and even brighter images.


5.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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      Review by Steve Teel
      Apr 10, 2017

      5.0 I have been looking for something like this for a long time




      Are you frustrated not quite being able to make out minor constellations because the stars are just a little to faint or because the sky is too polluted? Binoculars with an actual field of view greater than 7 degrees are hard to find, and 7 degrees is not always wide enough, These 2.1x42 binoculars are better than anything I had hoped to find. The field of view is just wide enough to capture the constellation Orion from Betelgeuse to Rigel! That's about 18 degrees!

      On top of that there is the light gathering power of 2 42mm lenses. Don't expect the limiting magnitude of a 10x42 pair, but that's not the point. On a dark clear night you will see all of the Bayer and Flamsteed stars of a constellation. On a night with the full moon you will see 5th magnitude stars.

      Because of the Galilean design, you can also enhance the effect of a non-magnifying finder. For instance, look through a red dot finder from about a foot behind. The dot will appear a bit fuzzy, but you can still place it with some accuracy. However, you will be looking at so many more stars!

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      Binocular Aperture 42mm
      Binocular Magnification 2.1x
      Manufacturer Vixen Optics