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William Optics 2" SCT Crayford Focuser - Single Speed

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Brand William Optics
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4.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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    1. nam2525

      nam2525 New Member

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      May 1, 2007

      4.0 Great Quality, Great for visual use and Webcam


      Great quality, smooth motion, no image shift.


      Can't handle heavy loads, pricey, single speed


      This model is no longer made by William Optics. The newer ones have a laser engraved scale on the focuser shaft, and they have dual speed focusing. Dual speed focusing is a HUGE benefit, so the fact that this one was only single speed was a bit of a liability. The focuser was smooth in its operation and is a high quality product (as you would expect from William Optics), but the price when it was available was $150, which I think was a little high. The new version costs $200 (they say this is the "new lower price") and, like I said, has a laser engraved scale and dual speed focusing. You can buy a retro-fit kit to add dual-speed focusing to one of these older single-speed models, but the kit costs about $150, which is again a bit pricey. You can make your own dual-speed focuser (I made a 6:1 dual-speed focuser for my refractor for about $20...the focuser shaft does not move as smoothly, but this is minor and the image is far more stable at high powers than without it). Just look on the internet for ideas.

      The focuser also weighs quite a bit, which adds even more weight to the back of the SCT, which is already heavy to begin with. Also, if you add too many accessories (or accessories that are heavy), the focuser tends to slip. It does have a tension adjustment, but I found the adjustment was either too tight or too loose, never just right with heavy accessories. Your experience may vary. I wanted to use it for DSLR photography with a focal reducer, but it was just too long. It would be better suited to visual use or using with a web cam to capture images of the planets and moon. Also, because you don't have to move the primary mirror, there is no image shift, which will also help with webcams and their small imaging chips.

      All in all, a great quality product that provides smooth focusing with no backlash, and is highly recommended for visual use or webcam photography of the planets and moon. Just don't overload it.

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