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William Optics FLT98 98mm f/6.3 Triplet Apo Refractor w/ 2" 0.8x Adjustable Reducer / Field Flattener 4 & RotoLock Adapter

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Brand William Optics
Part Number A-F98-RL
Availability available

Product Info

Manufacturer Description

Bundle: William Optics FLT98 f/6.3 Triplet APO Refractor Telescope with 2" 0.8x Reducer/Field Flattener

The pre-DDG version was reviewed in the Sky at Night (December 2008) astronomy magazine with great acclaim! The DDG focuser version of this same scope was a Sky & Telescope Hot Product in 2010!

Sky and Telescope Hot Product 2010

Read about the FLT98 in Sky & Telescope (PDF Format 3.14 MB)

The FLT98 is a portable, high quality, versatile APO telescope designed for individuals who want a very high quality instrument in a relatively compact package. This model features a patented dual speed 3.5" R&P Focuser.

This telescope features a Russian-designed air-spaced triplet f/6.3 lens in an adjustable lens cell. The optics are of superb quality with amazing clarity and color correction. With stylish and unique mechanics, top-quality optics, and no chromatic aberration (true apochromatic performance), this is an excellent grab and go scope that any astronomer should own. This refractor is indeed in a new realm of mechanical technology advances and optical perfection!

The redesigned telescope features a new aluminum tube with William Optics' renowned quality fit and finish: Gold signature dew shield cover, retractable dew shield, draw tube graduated scale imprinted, larger extra-smooth (3.5") focuser, a well padded soft case, a dovetail rail, and pair of high quality mounting rings. This set-up will be a treat to use for astrophotography!

Stunning Optics

  • Features a top-quality triplet f/6.3 air-spaced objective, one of the best WO has ever made!
  • This scope is extremely sharp and has great color correction. It is ideal for astrophotography.
  • Precision optics with STM coatings.
  • Designed by a leading Russian designer with FPL-53 glass.
William Optics FLT98 Stunning Optics
William Optics FLT98 Stunning Optics


  • Extra-smooth 3.5" focuser: a treat to use during astrophotography. No more image shift.
  • Two locking screws.
  • 360 deg. rotatable.
  • Extra-heavy duty.
  • Stainless steel reinforcement inserts on both sides and on the back to allow heavy loading without problems.
  • Graduated scale for precise camera alignment.
  • New RotoLock Visual Back Adapter

Simply Beautiful Finish

  • Solid CNC-machined mounting rings and Vixen-style dovetail rail included in the price.
  • Pure William Optics quality fit and finish: powder-painted white CNC-machined aluminum tube, golden finish, retractable dewshield, anodized 360 deg. rotatatable crayford focuser, dewshield cap.
William Optics FLT98 Stunning Optics
William Optics FLT98 Stunning Optics

Total Quality Package

  • Dedicated field flattener.
  • 2" and 1.25" adapters included, all with brass anti-marring compression rings.
  • All with brass anti-marring compression rings.

High Quality Soft Case

  • Stow away your telescope in the practical and safe soft padded case (included).
  • Though you will never need it, you have a 2-year warranty from WO, and the certainty that we will be there to assist you even beyond that, if you need!
William Optics FLT98 Stunning Optics


5.0 (Based on 1 Reviews) 100% of reviewers recommended this product.
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      User Notes:
      Review by Pauls72 of LaPorte, Indiana USA.
      Sep 6, 2016

      5.0 All around Excellent scope!!!


      Strong Construction,Compact,Easy to Use,Accurate,Lightweight,Quality Lenses



      I bought the FLT98 scope package primarily for astrophotography, but also wanted to occasionally use it as a grab and go scope. I have not been disappointed in the least by the scope at all. The images and views are just fantastic. They are clear and crisp with nice color and no hint of any anomalies. Just what you would expect out of a high quality APO Triplet. The huge 3.5 inch focuser is very robust and has no problem carrying my flattener/reducer and camera. I'm sure it would have no problem with the added weight of a filter wheel, OAG and DSLR. The rotolock is much nicer and more secure to use than the old set screw type of holders to secure the eyepieces or camera. The fit and finish of everything is just plain excellent. The scope has no huge decals or painted logos or names plastered on it. In fact it's identification is very minimal as it only has the W.O. logon on the rings and the well appointed gold trim on it.

      If there is a downside to this scope is that it is only 98mm/3.9 inches in aperture. When using it for visual use, we all know that larger aperture rules.

      This is my first William Optics products. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one. Yes, I would highly recommend this package to anyone looking for a 4 inch APO.

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      Telescope Aperture 3.86" (98mm)
      Manufacturer William Optics
      Telescope Aperture 81mm - 125mm
      Telescope Series William Optics FLT